The Best VPN for Torrenting of 2024

The Best VPN for Torrenting of 2024

Written by: Editorial TeamUpdated: Apr 3, 2022
In order to help you find the Best VPN for Torrenting, we spent more than 40 hours analyzing every VPN on the market, graded each one on over 20 different features, and put together this list to help you narrow down your options and choose the Best VPN.

Our Selection Criteria

Not all VPNs are created equal. We analyzed every single VPN service on the market rated them based on 24 different variables across 4 categories to pick the best VPN services.

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    VPNs Reviewed
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    Top Picks
  • 1. Reputation

    Great user reviews, testimonials, and recognition from other reputable outlets.

  • 2. Security

    Uses the highest available level of encryption and the most up-to-date-security features.

  • 3. Server Coverage and Speed

    Vast networks of servers in multiple countries and the fastest connections.

  • 4. Logging Policy

    Commitment to not collect your data to sell to advertisers or share with law enforcement.

The Best VPN for Torrenting


CyberGhost is one of the most affordable VPNs for torrenting because it offers two- and three-year plans. It’s compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and has 6,100 servers —more than our other recommendations —across over 60 countries. Security is crucial when it comes to torrenting because ISPs are tracking everything you do online. The fact CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES security encryption is a security bonus.

Customer support is decent, with live chat agents available to answer questions 24/7. You can still use the majority of your favorite streaming services, including Netflix, the BBC, and YouTube. It does offer a free trial period of just one day, which we quite liked. You’re less likely to forget about renewing or canceling after one day than a week or 30 days. Like all of our recommended VPNs for using BitTorrent, CyberGhost VPN won’t log your usage data.

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PriceOne month: $12.99
One year: $5.99/month
Two years: $3.69/month
Three years: $2.75/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)6,100+ fast servers in 60+ countries
Number of Devices7
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—Kill switch function
—More than 6,100 servers in over 60 countries makes this a fast, reliable performing VPN
—One-day free trial period


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN networks that permit torrenting. It’s one of the only providers that is compatible with a wide variety of web browsers, including Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. It doesn’t offer a free trial, but it has a clean, simple interface and a comprehensive steer fleet. To be precise, it has 160 VPN server locations across 92 countries.

A thorough privacy policy demonstrates that ExpressVPN prioritizes helping customers secure their data.

In addition to BitTorrent, you can browse the web, use Tor and use streaming services without ISPs or marketers spying on your preferences to target adverts at you. It has a kill switch, which is non-compromisable when using a VPN for torrenting. If the kill switch function isn’t present, you risk exposing your IP address if the network cuts out.

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PriceOne month $12.95
Six months $9.99
15 months $6.67
Servers (#) in Countries (#)160 VPN server locations in 94 countries
Number of Devices5
Compatible withChrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi browsers
More Features—The no-log policy means that the VPN provider itself isn’t using your data or tracking the way you use the internet
—Agents are available around the clock for live chat support, which can come in handy
—256-bit AES security encryption is the most up-to-date way of protecting your privacy and security online

With over 10 simultaneous connections, is reasonably advanced, considering it seems basic at first glance. It supports anonymous payments, so you can further ensure your identity is protected from your ISP. This VPN software is quite expensive, considering it only supports Chrome and Firefox, but it does have more than 1,800 servers in over 70 locations around the world.

The 30-day trial period means you can come to grips with how it works and explore the functionality in-depth before purchase. It gives you the chance to download plenty of torrents and make sure the client works for your individual needs. Be aware that some streaming services are blocked, but you can download BitTorrent, browse anonymously and watch Netflix and YouTube while your IP address is hidden.

PriceOne-month plan: $12.95
Two-year plan (+ 2 months free): $4.99/month
One-year plan: $8.32/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)1,800 servers in over 72 locations
Number of Devices10
Compatible withFirefox and Chrome
More Features—State of the art security encryption: 256-bit AES so you can rest assured that your IP is hidden
—Around-the-clock assistance from a live chat agent
—Kill switch feature automatically hides your IP address even if the VPN network cuts out


The stand-out feature of IPVanish is the fact that one subscription lets you use the service across unlimited devices. That said, it’s one of the more expensive options on our list, and it does only work with Google Chrome. It also has more than 1,500 servers in 75 countries, so the network functions optimally, most of the time.

Something else that makes IPVanish a little different from the competition is that it uses automatic IP address cycling for even greater peace of mind about your online anonymity. Its interface isn’t the most user-friendly for VPN beginners, but a seasoned pro will probably be excited by the powerful features.

Customers can get access to support through live chat or email, and the security encryption is 256-bit AES, which is the same security level the U.S. government uses. 256-bit keys mean 2^256 or 1.1 x 10^77 potential combinations, which is practically impossible to hack or decode.

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PriceOne month: $10.00
Three months: $8.99/month
One year: $6.49/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)1,500+ servers in 75 countries
Number of DevicesUnlimited
Compatible withChrome
More Features—Watch YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu streaming services in addition to downloading torrents
—No-log policy means that IPVanish isn’t tracking your online movements
—30-day free trial for iOS users only


Ivacy VPN has some exciting features and a different price structure to most of the other best VPNs for torrenting on our list. You can try this software for seven days for $0.99, which is ideal if you only download torrents once in a while as opposed to using the software regularly. It has servers in more locations than any other VPN on this list and supports Chrome and Firefox on up to 10 devices.

When it comes to customer service, there’s 24-hour live chat and a ticket system. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who loves watching streaming shows, this VPN client doesn’t support any major streaming service. It does have a kill switch and 256-bit AES security encryption, so it ticks all the necessary boxes for BitTorrent.

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PriceSeven days: $0.99
One month: $9.95/month
Two years: $2.25/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)1,000+ Servers in 100+ Locations
Number of Devices10
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—No log policy means your data isn’t being kept by the VPN company behind your back
—More than 1,000 servers in over 100 locations means the seven-day free trial so you can test out the platform before making an investment

Perfect Privacy VPN

Perfect Privacy VPN might have only 39 servers in 23 countries, but it generally proves to be fast and seems to operate well. One subscription lets you use the software on as many devices as you choose. It has a generous 30-day trial period, so you can test its functionality for yourself prior to making the final decision to buy it.

Although it’s compatible with Chrome and Firefox, this network employs a surprisingly old-fashioned customer support system: tickets and a contact form only. If you can’t miss out on your favorite shows while downloading torrents, Perfect Privacy VPN may not be ideal. It doesn’t support any streaming service.

PriceOne month for $12.99
One year: $9.99/month
Two years: $8.95/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)39 servers in 23 countries
Number of DevicesUnlimited
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—Secured by 256-bit AES
—Kill switch
—30-day trial period


PrivateVPN is one of the most affordable choices for a one-year plan, and it supports torrenting, streaming, and web browsing. It has more than 150 servers over 60 countries and protects the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Although you get a 7-day free trial and it’s a cheaper option, there are a couple of caveats. It’s the only VPN on our list with 128-bit CBC security encryption, so it isn’t as secure as the others, and you can only use one subscription for six devices.

PriceOne month for $7.67
Three months: $4.88/month
13 months: $3.82/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)150+ servers in 60 different countries
Number of Devices6
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—Seven-day trial period so you can try before you buy>You can stream using most major services with the PrivateVPN
—24-seven live chat support


Physical security is a big focus when it comes to ProtonVPN, which is a multi-hop channel capable of securing your location and Tor connection. It has a free version that has a surprising number of features, but there are several paid plans that offer even more. For a better-known VPN, it has a relatively limited number of servers in few countries, and you can only download it onto five devices.

On the other hand, it’s got a solid privacy policy —no activity logging or reporting. At 256-bit AES, security encryption is the best available and you can use ProtonVPN for streaming through the main channels. Support is available via email or a ticket system, and it’s compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

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PriceFree version available
Basic: $4/month
Plus: $8/month
Visionary: $24/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)698 servers in 44 countries
Number of Devices5
Compatible withFirefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera
More Features—Kill switch feature masks your IP address even if the VPN fails
—256-bit AES security encryption for peace of mind
—Seven-day free trial period


SAFERVPN has one of the broadest and most affordable offerings out of our pick of the best VPN for torrenting. Although it’s just compatible with five devices, it offers most of the features you can from a VPN service with a premium price. It has the highest level of security encryption, around-the-clock live chat support and you can watch YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu while logged onto the network.

The no-log policy means that SAFERVPN isn’t tracking your data, keeping you as safe as possible online. It has more than 1,300 servers in over 50 countries, it’s speedy and rarely goes down.

PriceOne month: $12.95
One year: $5.49/month
Two-years: $3.29/month
Three years: $2.50/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)1,300+ premium VPN servers in over 50 countries
Number of Devices5
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—One-day free trial means you won’t forget to renew or cancel the subscription
—Live chat agents available for 24-hour customer service
—Secured by 256-bit AES encryption


Surfshark is a robust VPN that doesn’t collect logs, and it uses 256-bit encryption, so it’s one of the best VPNs for torrenting. It’s easy to use and works with a variety of devices but only supports the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It has 1,700 servers in more than 63 countries, so it’s reliable and speedy —in addition to being surprisingly affordable. The 30-day trial period gives you plenty of chances to discover if it suits your needs. However, because support is only offered via email, it can be tricky to get a fast response.

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Price1 month plan: $11.95
12 months: $5.99/month
24 months: $1.99/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)1,700 servers in 63+ countries
Number of DevicesUnlimited
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—Use this highly affordable VPN on an unlimited number of devices
—Kill switch
—Most of the big streaming services work fine when using the Surfshark VPN


TorGuard’s servers are numerous and spread all around the world, so their service is reliable and the connection is fast. You can add up to eight devices, and it has lots of add-ons to choose from if you want to use it for more than torrenting, streaming, and browsing.

If you’re a leecher or a seeder who’s looking to secure your web traffic, the 256-bit AES and no-log policy keep your extra safe. Support is easily accessible, with a 24-hour live chat service on the website.

PriceMonthly: $9.99
Quarterly: $19.99
Semi-Annually: $29.99
Annually: $59.99
Servers (#) in Countries (#)1,600+ servers in 50 countries
Number of DevicesUnlimited
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—Use streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, the BBC, Prime Video, HBO, YouTube, Disney, and Showtime
—Kill switch
—Seven-day free trial period to help you make an informed decision


Over three years, VPNArea is one of the cheapest offerings on this list. You can start with the seven-day free trial to test out if its capabilities are compatible with your needs. As far as torrenting goes, it has all the bases covered, with top-notch encryption and a clear no-logging policy. That said, it has a low amount of servers, with just 190 of them in over 65 countries.

Support is responsive, the 24-hour chat service works well, and there’s a kill switch function to protect your IP address in case the VPN drops. You can use VPNArea on up to six devices, and it supports Amazon, Netflix and Hulu streaming services.

PriceOne month: $9.90
12 months: $4.92/month
36 months $2.99/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)190 servers in 65+ different countries
Number of Devices6
Compatible withChrome and Firefox
More Features—No-log policy
—Email and ticket support
—Compatible streaming services Netflix, Hulu, the BBC, YouTube, Prime Video, Kodi, HBO, Disney, Showtime, etc


Windscribe has a detailed and clear privacy policy that will delight anyone who is searching for a VPN to use for BitTorrent. It has a strict no-logging policy and a single subscription supports unlimited devices. With 610 servers in more than 60 countries, it’s not as fast as some of the other virtual private networks on our list, but it’s not the slowest, either.

Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers are supported by the Windscribe VPN platform, and it lets you watch most of the major streaming services with your IP address hidden. Support is quite limited, with only ticket and email systems in place.

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PriceMonthly plan: $9.00
One-year plan: $4.09/month
Build a Plan: $1/location/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)610 servers in more than 60 countries
Number of DevicesUnlimited
Compatible withChrome, Firefox, and Opera
More Features—Excellent privacy policy
—One-day free trial
—AES-256 security encryption


ZenMate is a simple, easy-to-use VPN platform that’s great for beginners who need to hide their IP address from their ISP for BitTorrenting. It works with all the main browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera, and one subscription protects the user across unlimited devices. Customer support is fast and responsive; however, the servers could be quicker.

PriceOne month: $10.99
6 months: $5.39/month
18 months $2.22/month
Servers (#) in Countries (#)290+ servers in 30 countries
Number of DevicesUnlimited
Compatible withChrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge
More Features—Highly secure 256-bit AES encryption
—Supports Netflix streaming
—Seven-day trial period so you can make an informed decision about which is the best VPN for torrenting

How We Chose the Best VPN for Torrenting

For a VPN to be worthwhile, it needs to have cutting-edge security measures, not collect your data and be fast and reliable. There are VPN apps and plug-ins out there that don’t cover all these bases sufficiently. We’ve chosen our list of the best VPNs for torrenting based on the following factors:


The main reason most people use a VPN is to protect themselves against malicious activity on the internet. Whether it’s ISPs tracking browsing history to target adverts or a hacker using malware to steal your bank details, a lot of people are out to hack, steal, and get your data. As such, it’s vital that you choose a network that deploys the latest security features.

For example, the highest available level of encryption is 256-bit AES with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512. We’re also careful to look for features such as biometric logins and multifactor authentication. While these networks aren’t bulletproof, they go a long way in improving your personal security when torrenting.

Server Coverage

Server coverage is crucial for the VPN software to maintain usage levels at peak times. It means having plenty of servers around the world to bounce IP addresses to and from, ensuring the stability of your VPN’s connection. Our picks of the best VPN for BitTorrent have plenty of servers in various countries around the world.

Logging Policy

Logging policy is often overlooked when people download and use a VPN, especially for the first time. The entire point of using this additional layer of security is to keep your browsing history private. If the VPN software tracks your activity and logs it, it’s counterintuitive. As such, we use a third-party site to verify that each network we select has a no-log policy.

Free Trial

One of the best things about modern commerce is that you tend to get a free trial to test out whether or not the product works for you. If you’re really smart, you’ll try a few free VPN trials to make the most informed decision about your final choice.

VPN for Torrenting Basics

Does a VPN hide torrenting?

The short answer to this question is yes, but it’s vital that you’re careful if you live in an area where torrenting isn’t legal. A VPN masks your IP address so that even your internet service provider can’t see your browsing activity or web traffic. 256-bit encryption, which all but one of the VPNs on our list uses, is military-grade and has so far proven unbreakable.

Which VPN is the best for BitTorrent?

The best one for you depends on the needs you have outside of torrenting. If you’re looking for a simple VPN that doesn’t have any extra functionality, opt for a basic version. On the other hand, if you want to be able to stream TV shows and use as many devices as you like, you’ll need to think more carefully about which one you buy. We recommend trying out a few free trial periods and settling on the best one afterward.

What happens if the VPN disconnects?

If the VPN disconnects and it isn’t protected by a kill switch, your torrenting activity will become public and unprotected. We’ve only included VPN clients with kill switches on our list. A kill switch is a function that ensures your IP address is still scrambled, even if the network gets suddenly disconnected. In fact, all of your online traffic is stopped.

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Yes, VPNs are perfectly legal. You can use one for many reasons, and most of them aren’t illegal at all. Online privacy is something we’re all entitled to, and securing your internet connection is no crime. Most VPNs take huge steps to avoid their platforms being used for harm or abuse of anyone.

Do VPNs for torrenting work on mobile?

Absolutely. VPNs work well on mobile devices and protect your mobile data in precisely the same way as they would protect you on a PC. Just be careful to use it wisely because having the VPN active counts towards your internet data usage. If the majority of your activity is performed on mobile, make sure you select a VPN platform with different levels of encryption and multiple protocols.