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Dedicated to Internet Safety

VPN Ratings’s mission is to enable safe and secure internet usage.

This mission is founded upon three core values that drive our vision and daily operations:

Internet Security and Safety Awareness: We provide consumers with the necessary strategies and instruction to protect against breaches to their private information and also prepare them for potential attacks during internet usage.

Consumer Protection: We provide consumers with the necessary statistics and reports to understand the internet security and safety industry. The public should also be aware of data breaches and attacks.

Internet Safety Education: We provide research on all VPN services so consumers can understand the most relevant crime, hacks, and data breaches.

Why We Exist

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Four primary beliefs led to the creation of VPNRatings, its mission, and core values.

Unsecure internet access is a common danger that consumers often neglect

Cybercrime continues to be an every-day issue for many people. In fact, there is an attack that attempts to gain access to your private information every 39 seconds, resulting in 4.1 billion records being exposed or breached in 2020 alone. These data breaches have affected billions of consumers who have had their information comprised.

It’s no wonder 45% of Americans are more worried about their online privacy than they were a year ago resulting in 74% of Americans limiting the online activity due to concerns around privacy.

Even mobile users aren’t safe from attacks either. With 92% of public WiFi users on mobile devices ignoring security warnings, in one year alone, there will be over 300 million attacks on mobile devices.

Consumers benefit from internet security research

Virtual Proxy Networks (VPN) are designed to help users set up private and secure internet connections – ensuring data can’t be intercepted by hackers, snoopers, or anyone else looking to get their hands on your private information. The easiest way to deter burglars is to improve your home’s security. This information, however, is not widely spread among the public.

A VPN service can help consumers:

1. Protect themselves from snooping on untrusted WiFi networks and hotspots: VPNs encrypt your internet connection to secure it and protect your privacy. Connecting to a pubic network can leave your information open to anyone else on that network.
2. Gain anonymity online by hiding your location: Websites can gain access to your location. VPNs help mask your location – making your information harder to find.
3. Prevent your browsing from being tracked or traced: VPNs hide your IP address and allow you to access the internet privately and securely without the risk of getting tracked.

Not all VPN services are equal

Unfortunately, not all VPN services are reputable or effective. Not only do some services offer weak and ineffective protection, some can even be dangerous scams that target your personal information. The worst of them can track, intercept and collect your data, potentially selling your information or using it for other nefarious purposes, such as identity theft.

We believe online security and privacy is a basic right

We believe online security and privacy is a basic right, and we are committed to highlighting tools that provide that security, while uncovering those that are scams or sub-par.

That’s why our team of cybersecurity experts have spent thousands of hours researching and analyzing all the VPNs currently available in the market to find the best options for you. We evaluated their systems, features and, most importantly, whether they have a history of doing anything shady.


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